Phantom Cali Sport


• 350-Watt Brushless Motor
• high capacity 360Wh battery
• 10.0″ Inflated Rubber Tires
• Max Range of 15 Miles
• Max Load: 200 Lbs.

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The Phantom Cali Sport is our new convenient and on-the-go foldable e-scooter. POWERFUL MOTOR – This e-scooter features an upgraded 350W brushless direct current motor, boosts the e-a top speed of 15.5 mph. Set your preferred riding mode between Standard (9.3mph) and Sport (15.5mph) modes. Max incline 15° capability.
LONG RANGE BATTERY – The high capacity 360Wh battery gives this adult commuting scooter up to 40 miles riding distance. The smart battery management technology protect the battery from over heating, short circuit, over current, or over charged.
SAFETY & COMFORT – LED digital display shows the scooter info. The dual shock suspension absorbs the bumps for less bouncy ride. Large 10″ wheels with wide anti-slip tires. The bright LED head light makes and tail light makes it safe riding in the dark.
PORTABLE & CONVENIENT – The scooter weighs only 39.6 lbs. The 2-step folding mechanism easily folds and unfolds the escooter in seconds. Super convenient to carry it in and out of places or put it away in the storage, trunks, closets, beneath subway seats.
IPX4 SPLASH RESISTANT – The electric scooter is IPX4 rated (received certification of a level 4 protection against a liquid element) for water splash resistance. The scooter is sealed all around resisting against water splashes from any direction for up to for 5 minutes. WE advise against riding in water or in bad wet weather and always wear a helemet



Max Supported Weight: 200 Lbs.

10.0″ Tires, Front and Rear
Front and Rear LED Headlight
Front Fork Dual Suspension


350-Watt Brushless Electric Motor
high capacity 360Wh battery
Speeds Up to 15 MPH

Max Range of 15 Miles


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