• 450-Watt Electric Motor
• 36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
• Rear Disc Brake
• 12″ Tires
• Rear Basket
• Max Range of 15 Miles
• Max Load: 220 Lbs.
• Min. Load: 70 Lbs.

Inside the Garage

We have updated our original Sit-N-Go C1 scooter with the new EZYGO C1 2-wheel scooter provided by Gyroor Technology. The EZYGO C1 is our new fun-to-ride short commute e-scooter. The EZYGO C1 is capable of speeds up to 15.5 mph and has an extended range of 15-20 miles when fully charged. This peppy e-scooter comes equipped with 12” tires front and rear, front and rear disc brakes, seat shock absorber for a more comfortable ride, 450-watt hub motor/36volt li-ion battery, front LED headlight and rear reflector lights for added safety, and a rear basket. The EZYGO C1 is compact and foldable for easy storage. Suitable for ages 15 and older. Please follow the rules of the road, and always rear a helmet when riding.



Folding Handlebars
Steel Rigid Front Fork
Front & Rear Disc Brake

Rear Basket
12″ Tires, Front and Rear
Front LED Headlight


450-Watt Electric Motor
36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Speeds Up to 15.5 MPH

Max Range of 20 Miles when fully charged


  • Black