Fat Track Electric Mountain Bike by Phantom Bikes

Fat Track


• Powerful 500W Electric Motor
• Reliable 48V 11.6 Amp Battery
• Shimano 7-Speed Hub
• Rust Free Aluminum Hydro Form Frame
• Mechanical Disc Brakes
• Fat Wall Aluminum Rims
• Weighs Only 57 lbs
• Phantom Bikes will be attending the L.A. Car Show from Nov. 27th to Dec. 11th. All orders will be processed and shipped out after Dec. 11, 2017.


Inside the Garage

The Phantom Fat Track is delivered in Gloss Gray and comes equipped with a powerful 500W electric motor, coupled with an extremely reliable 48V 11.6amp battery to deliver power and speed when you need it. Each bike has a thumb throttle and a 5-step LED digital display, speed sensor, Shimano 7-speed hub, mechanical disc brakes, and fat wall aluminum rims. One-Year Warranty.



Weighs Only 56 lbs
Fat Wall Aluminum Rims
5-Step LED Digital Display

Heavy Duty 12-gauge Stainless Steel Spokes
Mechanical Disc Brakes
Thumb Throttle


500W Electric Motor
48V 11.6 Amp Battery

Shimano 7-Speed Hub
Speed Sensor


  • Gloss Grey