Fat Track


• Powerful 500W Electric Motor
• Reliable 48V 11.6 Amp Battery
• Shimano 7-Speed Hub
• 26″ Alloy Frame
• Mechanical Disc Brakes
• Fat Wall Aluminum Rims
• Weighs Only 53.3 lbs


Inside the Garage

The Phantom Fat Track is delivered in Gloss Gray and comes equipped with a powerful 500W electric motor, coupled with an extremely reliable 48V 11.6amp battery to deliver power and speed when you need it. Each bike has a thumb throttle and a 5-step LED digital display, speed sensor, Shimano 7-speed hub, mechanical disc brakes, and fat wall aluminum rims. One-Year Warranty.



26″ Alloy Frame
Weighs Only 53.3 lbs
Fat Wall Aluminum Rims
5-Step LED Digital Display

Heavy Duty 12-gauge Stainless Steel Spokes
Mechanical Disc Brakes
Thumb Throttle


500W Electric Motor
48V 11.6 Amp Battery
0-20 MPH Speed Ratio

Shimano 7-Speed Hub
Speed Sensor
20-30 Mile Effective Range


  • Gloss Grey