Phantom Cali


• 300-Watt Brushless Motor
• 36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
• Rear Disc Brake
• 8.5″ Inflated Rubber Tires
• Max Range of 16 Miles
• Max Load: 265 Lbs.
• Min. Load: 45 Lbs.

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Inside the Garage

The Phantom Cali is our new convenient and on-the-go foldable e-scooter. The Cali is capable of speeds up to 14 MPH and has a 16-mile range on a full charge. This handy little e-scooter comes equipped with an ample 300-watt Bafang brushless motor, 36-volt lithium ion battery, rear disc brake, and 8.5″ tires on the front and back. With the Phantom Cali, we took convenience to the next level by equipping it with a folding handlebar for ultimate portability and storage.



Max Supported Weight: 265 Lbs.
Steel Rigid Front Fork
Handle Activated Rear Disc Brake

8.5″ Tires, Front and Rear
Front LED Headlight
Rear LED Taillight


300-Watt Bafang Brushless Electric Motor
36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Speeds Up to 14 MPH

Max Range of 16 Miles
6Ah Battery Capacity


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