Phantom C1


• 350-Watt Electric Motor
• 36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
• Rear Disc Brake
• 12″ Tires
• Rear Basket
• Max Range of 15 Miles
• Max Load: 235 Lbs.
• Min. Load: 70 Lbs.

Inside the Garage

The Phantom C1 is our new fun-to-ride short commute e-scooter. The C1 is capable of speeds up to 15.5 MPH and has a 15-mile range on a full charge. This peppy little e-scooter comes equipped with a generous 350-watt Bafang motor, 36-volt lithium ion battery, steel rigid front fork, rear disc brake, and 12″ tires on the front and back. To complete the overall convenience that an e-scooter offers, we also equipped the C1 with a rear basket to help keep your hands (or your lap) free.



Folding Handlebars
Steel Rigid Front Fork
Rear Disc Brake

Rear Basket
8.5″ Tires, Front and Rear
Front LED Headlight


350-Watt Bafang Electric Motor
36-Volt Lithium Ion Battery
Speeds Up to 15.5 MPH

Max Range of 15 Miles
6Ah Battery Capacity


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